Great Gifts for Grandparents

Bring a smile to your grandparents face this Christmas with the perfect present: a personalised memory book. With it sadly looking more likely you won’t be able to visit your grandparents this festive season then you’ll probably be racking your brain to think of the ideal gift to show them how much you care, what they mean to you, and that you are missing them. A personalised memory book does exactly that. 


Sharing treasured family moments.

You probably haven’t seen anywhere near as much of your family as you’d like this year! It’s been tough on all of us, but especially for the elderly who have missed spending time with their children and grandchildren. Make up for some lost time by creating a lovely memory book filled with photos of your family. You could make one featuring family moments and stories from 2020, or you could fill it with family memories from across the years. Re-celebrate weddings, births and birthdays, graduations, successes and achievements across the pages of a customisable memory book.


Grandma and Grandpa, this is your life.

Guide grandparents down memory lane with a special Life Stories memory book dedicated to them. It’s a great excuse to get in touch with family and family friends to gather photos, stories and special memories to include in your book. Not only will the book be a treasured possession for the recipient, you will treasure the memories of creating it, and we’re sure your relatives will absolutely love sharing their stories with you. You could get a copy for yourself too, so you can pass on your family history to your own grandchildren, and maybe even start a new tradition.


Looking for something a little different?

Maybe your family isn’t particularly snap happy, or you’re looking for something a bit different and unique this year. Our memory books are easily customisable, and there are loads of things you can do other than reliving memories.

Does your grandparent love cooking or baking? Collect some recipes, old favourites and new experiments, and create your own recipe book. You can test every recipe yourself to create unique photos, and get the kids involved for some great action shots. The pros of this idea include the taste testing, the fun of getting creative in the kitchen, and the lasting memories of creating the book. The cons? Cleaning up!

Maybe your relative is a keen photographer, always showing off their skills on facebook? Download their photos and create a special book full of their own beautiful prints. Whether they love taking photos of wildlife, architecture, or people it will mean so much to them to see their hard work printed in a personalised book.

Want to get the kids involved? Keep them busy for a day by encouraging them to collect and create artwork to be featured in a book. Take some snaps of them at work to add a little extra fun. Their grandparents will be delighted to receive a book full of art created especially for them!


Staying connected, wherever you are.

One of the best parts about creating a memory book for someone is watching them as they open it, seeing their eyes light up as they remember past memories, or laugh at the funny photos you’ve included. While you probably won’t be able to give this gift in person this year, you can still catch these magic moments. On Christmas day, gather around a video call as you open presents – make sure grandma and grandpa save the best for last! You can then see the joy on their faces as they flip through the pages, and share the feeling of creating a treasured memory together.