How to capture your lockdown memories

2020 has been a memorable year, that’s for sure! With our second UK lockdown underway, it got us thinking. Just because you’re keeping a safe distance from your family and friends at the moment, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be making memories with them!


Coming soon to a bookshelf near you…

Have you used up all your creative ideas to keep your kids amused through lockdown? We’ve got you covered! Your children can become authors of their own picture books, written by and starring… them!

Engage your child’s imagination and ask them to write a short story where the main characters are your household. Then you can have loads of fun designing sets, getting dressed up, and taking photos to illustrate the story.

Whatever story your child comes up with, you’re sure to have heaps of fun making memories with them. Once ready it’s super easy to put your memory book together on our website, where you can customise the layout, colours, text and images on every page.

Not only will this photo book become something your family treasures, it also makes a thoughtful gift to send to grandparents. Whether it’s for Christmas or just to say “we’re thinking of you”, it’s sure to make Granny and Grandad’s day.

TIP: If you’re sending it as a gift make it extra special by arranging a video call while they open it, and watch the smiles light up their faces.


Keep your friends close, and your memories closer.

Looking for a fun virtual activity to share with your friends? Or maybe you want to shake up Secret Santa this year? Why not try making memories with a memory book exchange.

Each person in your friendship group creates a photo book for another friend, collecting and sharing photo memories of all of your best times. Once everyone’s received their gift (no peeking!) it’s time to host a memory book exchange video call. One by one, everybody opens their book and has to guess which friend made it for them.

This is a great way to keep in touch with your friends through lockdown, while remembering the best moments you’ve experienced together.

TIP: Keep it all a secret by assigning one of you (we recommend your most trustworthy mate!) to be the “name-keeper”, or use a secret santa generator app, many of which can be found online.


Fetch! Sit! Roll over! Strike a pose!

Pets have been a lifesaver for many people over the course of 2020. If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate your furry friend a pet memory book is a great place to start. You may already have 100’s (… okay more like 1000’s!) of photos of your pet on your phone that deserve a special home in a memory book. If you’re looking for a way to pass the time in lockdown though, a pet photo shoot could be the answer.

Keep it classy with beautiful portraits, get some action shots of your pal running round the garden, or get creative with a themed shoot. Whatever you choose, you’ll end up with a lasting memory of your beloved pet or a great gift for your fur-baby loving partner.

TIP: If you and your pet love dressing up, you could recreate some iconic films or tv shows, honour your favourite musicians or celebrities, or visit the past and depict some historical figures. You don’t need to spend much; you can make all sorts of things with materials from around the home and some imagination!

Lockdown doesn’t have to be lonely or boring, you can still make memories with your family, friends, and pets. Creating a memory book is a fun activity that anyone can take part in, whether that’s by creating a thoughtful collage of loved ones from old photos, or creating new memories and pictures while we’re all at home. Bring a smile to someone’s face during lockdown, and continue making memories.