Love Scrapbooking? Then You Will Love Memory Books

Modern scrapbooking may be different, but the results are just as satisfying, long-lasting, and meaningful as ever – and it’s less messy! Here are a few ideas for your next scrapbooking project that you can make using our easy-to-use, customisable Memory Books.

Taking a trip down memory lane.

One of our favourite things to do on a cold winter day is to think back to warmer, sunnier times – reflect on our favourite travel memories of relaxing on a beach in Ibiza, exploring cities in Italy, or enjoying a siesta in Spain before an evening of cocktails and delicious food.

The best way to capture and relive your travel memories is to use our Memory Books to create a scrapbook. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:
• OUR 2019 HOLIDAY – Make a scrapbook commemorating a specific holiday you took one year. In 20 years you’ll love looking back at the fond travel memories, knowing exactly when they happened!
• FUN IN THE SUN – Create a scrapbook documenting all the sunny holidays you’ve been on over the years. A sunny yellow colour scheme will brighten up your day whenever you look at it.
• MY BACKPACKING ADVENTURE – Adventure lovers can make a beautiful book to document their backpacking trip, all the friends you made, sights you saw, and experiences you now cherish. Text can be added to every page of our Memory Books, so you can fill the book with all the wonderful stories of your journey.
• OUR FIRST TRIP TO DISNEYLAND – Family trips to Disneyland, Universal Studios or other similar places are truly magical. Your travel memories will last a lifetime, but even more so with a  lovingly made scrapbook. Include photos of souvenirs, park tickets and other bits and pieces to really get the feel of a traditional scrapbook, without all the messy glue!


Celebrations that will last forever.

Milestone birthdays, engagements and weddings, births and new homes – there are some many momentous occasions that happen to us and our families throughout our lives. Keep all your happy life event memories on one place with a family scrapbook. Collect together photos of events, photos of keepsakes (for example wedding invitations or birth certificates) and write down memories from yourself, friends and family for all the big events that you’ve celebrated as a family, and create a beautiful scrapbook to cherish the memories for life.


Year in review.

While we might not be looking back too fondly on 2020, a scrapbook that commemorates the past year is a great way to document not only your life, but what is going on in the world around you. Maybe you could start a tradition; make it a new year's resolution to keep a note of big events, personal to you and in the news and culture around us. Then every January you can look back and create a scrapbook which features everything that happened throughout the past year that was important to you in some way. Imagine in your older years being able to look back at these books and remember your past with the added context of the wider world. 

Making memories with your furry friends.

A memory book in honour of your pet is a lovely way to capture your favourite memories and stories shared with them. There’s loads of different things you could include as well as photos of your pets, such as writing out your top memories of time spent with them or funny stories. If you’re creative why not commemorate your pet in a poem - this could also be a fun family activity with the kids. You could also include drawings or artwork created in honour of your companion. Whatever you choose to include, a pet memory book is a lovely keepsake to look back on for years to come.

Getting creative.

Are you a crafter? Maybe you enjoy photography as a hobby? Have you been learning to bake?

Whether you sell, gift or keep your creations, it’s always nice to be able to look back on what you’ve created, especially when you can see the progress you’ve made from your first attempt! A photo scrapbook is a lovely way to keep images of your creations all in one place, and you can easily include notes or instructions on each page, so one day you can pass the book on to a child or grandchild to keep your hobby and passion alive.

Let’s keep the art of scrapbooking alive in the modern age! What will you be scrapbooking next?