Make Mother’s Day extra special with a Memory Book

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, have you got your gift sorted yet? Don’t worry if not, there’s no need to order the generic bunch of flowers, you don’t need to grab a last minute box of supermarket chocolates, or settle for an uninspired gift voucher. There’s still plenty of time to create a unique, personalised Mother’s Day gift to show your mum how much you care, with a little helping hand from us! Every mum will love receiving a Memory Book that has been created especially for her, with photos, memories, and a touch of love spread across every perfectly crafted page. We’ve come up with a few inspirational ideas to get you started, so you can give mum a heartfelt gift she’ll always treasure.

Mum… this is your life!

Make your mum feel like a star by creating a “Mum’s Life Story” memory book. Dust off those old photo albums and search through your digital files to find as many photos from across her life as you can to tell the story of mum. Every page of our Memory Books can be personalised, from the pictures and words you upload, to the layout and colours you choose. This means you can caption your photos with dates, important information, and fun memories or comments for added effect. This totally unique collection of images, funny stories and heart-warming memories will be sure to bring a huge smile to mum’s face.

An extra special touch: Get everyone involved! Contact your aunts and uncles, grandparents, godparents, siblings and family friends to collect together even more photos and memories to create a really thorough life story.

Pair it with: Present the Memory Book to mum along with a lovely bottle of wine so she can sip, relax, and reflect on her lifetime of memories.

10 reasons why you’re the no.1 mum…

Make sure your mum knows exactly how important she is with a countdown of the top 10 reasons she is No.1. Get as creative as you like with the reasons, they could be the big things, like what made her a great mum while growing up, to smaller meaningful things, like how much you love her hugs, to silly things, like how she still gets you Star Wars themed birthday cards because it was your favourite film growing up! Use photos and images to illustrate each reason, and choose the perfect words to express why your mum really is No.1.

An extra special touch: If you have kids of your own ask them to think of a few reasons why she is also a No.1 Grandma, and add these as a bonus at the end of the book.

Pair it with: Go all out and present this gift as part of a gift basket, featuring a bit of traditional Mother’s Day cheesiness with “No.1 Mum” themed bits and pieces, like a mug, knick knacks, or pair of socks. Bonus points if a homemade decoration using dry pasta shells is included!

Mum’s book of super secret family recipes.

The sweet smell of freshly baked cake, or the mouth-watering aroma of mum’s unbeatable Sunday roast – not a lot can beat that! Keep these scents and tastes alive for generations to come by collecting all your mum’s best recipes and creating a bespoke, personalised recipe book. You can feature mum’s classic recipes, ones that have been passed down from earlier generations, and even add a few of your own. Include photos of the original recipe cards, scans of pages from cookbooks, and make a note of top tips to getting the best results every time. The best part of this gift is that it’s the perfect excuse to do some baking of your own – you have to taste test everything before including it in a book, right?!

An extra special touch: If you’ll be making some of the recipes yourself include photos of the finished goods alongside the recipes, even if it goes horribly wrong! Getting some action shots of you or your mum in the kitchen will be a nice addition as well.

Pair it with: Some delicious home baked goods will go perfectly with this gift, especially if you’re following the traditional family recipe.