The perfect present for Father's Day

Let’s face it, Dads are difficult to buy for.


When Father’s Day comes around, there’s the usual old supermarket selection - beer, whiskey, and Toblerone bars. Not very inspiring, and nowhere near what he really deserves. 


You might decide to duck out on the present and have a nice meal instead, but with post-lockdown rules uncertain and bars fit to bursting, it might prove an even more difficult option than trying to find the perfect present.


We’re here to answer your Father’s Day prayers with the perfect gift for Dad, no matter his taste or style. Dads come in many shapes and sizes, but we bet we can suggest the ideal thing for each. 


The Grill-mad Dad
Since you grew up and left home, the Grill became this Dad’s baby. He’s a seasoned pro, starting with the same old sausages, and moving up to Nando’s-style grilled chicken, veggies, corn on the cob, and home-made kebobs. This Dad loves finding new things to grill and new tools to try out. 
With the Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe being a *touch* out of most people’s budgets (*how much!*) then a tailor-made Recipe Book is the ideal Father’s Day thank you - a way to show your gratitude for all the good times and good food. 
Gather together all the things he’s talked about trying but hasn’t got around to yet. Include a couple of his tried and tested recipes, new ways to cook old favourites, and perhaps even some top tips - how to clean it, care for it, and get the best out of the Grill lifestyle.


The Dad who refused to get a dog… until he got a dog 
‘We are absolutely not getting a dog!’ Said by Dads everywhere, until he was finally persuaded, the dog came home, and he fell head over heels. The dog is in fact now ‘his dog’.
Give your dog-loving Dad a Pet Book this Father’s Day. Include the cutest pics of your furry family member, much-loved moments, the first day you brought him or her home, and the first day he went for a walk or learned a trick. Make sure to get some pics of your Dad in there too, and the whole family for good measure.


The Dad with a proud past
Does your Dad love to research family history, pore over old photos, or tell stories of a much loved ancestor? 
Maybe it’s a military connection and your Dad’s father or grandfather was a soldier, a pilot, or naval officer. 
Or maybe it’s a heritage connection, and your Dad’s family journeyed here to make a new life, bringing their culture with them. 
There simply couldn’t be anything more meaningful than a Life Stories book for the history-loving Dad. Combine photos, dates, facts, and letters from a notable person in your Dad’s life, whether it was a family member or a role model. There’s no better way to commemorate the life of a loved one. 


The Dad who struggles with memory
If you have a parent who’s struggling with a degenerative disease, Father’s Days can be especially tough, and finding an appropriate gift isn’t easy. 
An amazing way of bringing back memories - even if it’s just for a short while - is to put together a Memory Book for your Dad this Father’s Day. This could be family photos, pics from big days or favourite holidays, collections of tickets and keepsakes from days out, and anything that reminds your Dad of the happy times you’ve shared.


The travelling Dad
Does your Dad love to ski? Go on cruises? Surf, sunbathe, train hop, museum trawl, camp, or cycle across continents? A Travel Book is the one for him. 
Dads are notoriously terrible at printing photos, so we’re willing to bet he hasn’t got any photo albums to browse through and remember good times. Memories are so much better when we can hold them in our hands rather than stare at them on a small screen. Collect your Dad’s top travel moment and present them in a beautifully-bound memory book.


The brand-new Dad
This one’s going to be hard to beat - a commemoration of a Dad’s first year will be the best Father’s Day gift he’ll ever get. 
Whether you’re buying for your partner, brother, or close friend, you can have loads of fun gathering together all of those ‘firsts’ - the first time he held his precious new baby, the first bath, the first day out in the stroller. Don’t forget the little keepsakes like hospital tags and congratulations cards.


The 5 minutes of fame Dad
Was your Dad in an almost-successful band a decade or 3 ago? Was he a punk rocker, artist, or racing driver? Did he play for a local or national footie team? Use our Universal Book format to immortalise his golden days. 
Remind him of that confident young troublemaker he once was (and still kind of is) with a book full of pictures, gig tickets, awards, quotes, and dates. He’ll love reliving his younger days this Father’s Day.


Memory Books makes it easy to knock out of the park this Father’s Day. You can easily upload your content, choose your colours, and order a highly polished, tailor-made book full of memories right here.