Thoughtful personalised Christmas gift ideas for friends

Let’s talk about the ‘experiences over gifts’ type of people. 

Often heard saying ‘I really don’t want anything!’ or ‘just buy me a drink next time you see me!’, these people are far and away the trickiest to choose Christmas gifts for. Partly because they won’t tell you what they want. And partly because they genuinely don’t want anything. 

These are the people who would much rather you spend time with them than spend your money. They value trips and meals out way more than gifts and gimmicks. 

The truth is, especially as we get older, most of us start to prefer experiences over things. Material things are nice to have, but it’s happy memories that really bring us joy. 

The trouble is, people are busy, families come first, and Christmas is a manic time for everyone. Getting together for those drinks or that trip away you’ve never managed to align dates for is easier said than done. 

So, what if there was something we guarantee your friends will treasure for life, and it’ll cost less than £40?

And what if you could give an experience as a gift you can wrap up and put under the tree?

We’re not talking about bungee jumping or supercar hire. We’re talking about combining you and your friends' most loved and precious memories into a bound book they can keep forever. 

The travel book

Personalised books are just made for travel memories. Why not gather snaps, souvenirs, quotes, and captions from your favourite holiday together, and get them printed and bound in a beautiful book? It doesn’t matter if your trip was 2 years or 20 years ago (we bet you still remember it like it was yesterday!). 

Capture your globe-trotting group in a memory book your friends can treasure forever. If you travelled in a group and want to make one for each person, you’ll get a 15% multibuy discount, and each friend can have their very own precious copy.  

The life story 

So, you’re already looking for Christmas gift ideas in September. That already shows how much you care. 

A memory book telling the story of your friend’s life is truly the gift of a lifetime. It’s one of the most thoughtful personalised gifts you could create.

Because you’re already way ahead of the game, you can spend time choosing the photos, history, and stories you want to include. You might focus on their childhood and where they grew up; you might focus more on the years you’ve known one another. 

We guarantee this one’ll be a tear-jerker, so tissues at the ready!

The group gift 

If budgets are tight (as they often are this time of year), why not club together to make a group gift for a friend?

Maybe they have a hobby or an obsession that they get banter for (fondly, of course!). Maybe they’re a devoted Mum, dedicated family man, or loving pet parent. Maybe they’re a big sports player, cook, hiker, artist, or traveler. 

Turn the magic that makes them them into a dedicated book! If you pool your funds with a couple of other friends, this is an extremely affordable way to make their Christmas gift the most memorable they’ll ever get. 

A personalised memory book is a gift they can unwrap. But it’s so much more than a material item. Memory books allow you to give the gift of experiences, both in collecting those treasured memories, and creating a new experience of remembering them together.

Don’t forget you’ll get a 15% multibuy discount if you buy more than one memory book this season.

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