Great ways for Small Businesses to raise funds for a good cause this Christmas

Donating a portion of your profits to charity is one of the best and most sustainable ways to do good. Loads of big brands do it - Patagonia, Toms, Lush, and Everlane are famous for their charity pledges. Philanthropy is part of every big brand’s business plan - even corporate giants like Coca Cola and Starbucks


It’s a way of demonstrating your commitment to corporate social responsibility, a wonderful way of strengthening your brand by aligning with charitable causes associated to your target audience’s interests or needs.


Some big businesses can afford to do this regularly. But for SMEs, year-round donating is not always possible. It relies on a number of factors - most importantly, steady profits. 


It’s been a tough year and a half for almost every business out there. But you can still do good despite the ups and downs your balance sheet might’ve seen.


A fantastic alternative is to run seasonal campaigns or product lines that give back without a long-term commitment. 


Launching this kind of campaign is even easier at Christmas time. For most businesses, profits hit their highest levels during Q4. That means it’s even easier to factor it into your annual budget. Charities benefit, and customers love to see you giving back. It’s truly a win-win. But how do you do it? 


Say it with a book


The end of the year is a time for reminiscing. There's a reason we love giving books and photo albums at Christmas time.


Books are an excellent way to put together something truly joyful and meaningful - something people can truly cherish long after the decorations come down.


And this Christmas we have the ideal arrangement for you. You create a Memory Book product that your customers can buy . .  and personalise! And you earn £10 for your favourite charity from every book sold – or for your organisation if you are a charity.
Let’s get you started with some ideas for different types of businesses...


1. The foodie business

This one's a no-brainer - your loyal customers will love a collection of your world-famous recipes, your favourite ingredients, and your top culinary tips. If like Colonel Sanders your recipes are top secret, stick to educational tips like how to prep, wash, chop, season, and keep food fresher for longer. 


2. The pet company 

Whether you're a pet shop, a groomer, a walker, or a doggy daycare, put out a call for your customers' happiest (or most hilarious) pet pics. You can even run a competition for cutest canine to win a place in the annual charity book. This annual photobook can become a great talking point, and become a really nice way to build community amongst your customers.

3. The hobby/active business

Do you run a collective or community-led business? Maybe you’re a zumba teacher, yoga instructor, or taekwondo master! Maybe you run a kids sports team, a meditation practice, or educational courses. You might even be a personal trainer or physiotherapist wanting to celebrate your clients’ big wins. You could create a book commemorating the year’s biggest achievements, or alternatively create a branded planner for the following year. Either is something no customer will want to miss out on – particularly if you’re marketing to parents. 

4. The sustainable business 

One of the best ways to engage with customers old and new is to provide helpful, educational content. If your key USP is being carbon neutral or zero waste, why not put together a guide on being more eco-friendly at home? Use your industry expertise to teach your customers how they can recycle, save on food waste, shop local, and improve their eco habits.

So how does the process work?


It couldn’t be easier to compile your charity fundraising memory book for Christmas 2021. All you need to do is:


  1. Speak to a member of the Memory Books team about your project and the charity you wish to raise money for.
  2. Start creating your master copy book using our software to upload your content, text, and pictures. You include your branding and any special messages regarding your choice of charity to ensure your customers learn what a wonderful thing you’re doing! 
  3. We’ll handle all the rest, including hosting your book on a dedicated landing page, printing and dispatching any orders you receive, and sending on the agreed charitable donation from every book sold. 


The beauty of choosing Memory Books is your customer will have the final say on how their final book looks. They can personalise their book as much as they want by changing any of the images or copy. For example, if you’ve created a pet book to donate to the RSPCA, they will be able to swap the master copy images for photos of their own furry friends. We guarantee it’ll be fun, rewarding, and unforgettable for you and all your loyal customers. 
If you’re ready to start your Memory Books journey, get in touch with a member of the team right here.