5 personalised gift books grandparents will love for Christmas

No one in the world is more sentimental than a loving grandparent.

But it can be surprisingly difficult to buy for them when Christmas comes around.

Family tends to mean everything to this generation. They don’t need many luxuries, and they get more joy out of giving than receiving. All they want is to see all of their family happy.

There’s also the consideration that the beloved Nans and Grandads of the world might have stricter dietary requirements as they get older. Therefore, your traditional presents like chocolate and champagne aren’t always the best options.

When we’re choosing presents, we think about what the recipient loves the most. For grandparents, it’s a no brainer: their grandchildren!

Personalised books are a touching, unique, and heartwarming way to show your grandparents you care. 

But not all nanas, grannies, papis, and pops are the same. 

So how do you choose the ideal personalised gift just for them? See these Memory Book ideas.

Life Stories for grandparents 

Many members of the grandparent generation have had extremely eventful lives. They might have lived through wars or served in the forces. They might have emigrated, immigrated, travelled the world, or set up businesses.  

They might have had impressive careers in nursing, engineering, or charity work. Or they may have been the family matriarch or patriarch, a pillar of strength for family life growing up.

Life Stories books are a way to tell their story back to them. So much more than a photo album, you can design your custom book any way you want, featuring portraits, yearbook photos, family snaps, quotes, souvenirs, comments or messages from family members, and storytelling text of your choice.  

Grandbaby’s first year 

No one likes to coo over baby pictures like a grandparent. 

Gift them with a collection of photos of their grandchild’s first year. You could include pictures of the day Mum and Dad brought them home, their first cuddles with Grandma and Grandad, their first baths, or their first trips out. 

Add in dates and descriptions of locations for an extra special chronicle of a wonderful year. 

(Psst: Want to know what’s great about this option? Order two sets of books and you have a book to give each set of grandparents. #Winning!)

The ‘best cook in the world’ grandparent 

We can all agree that authentic food made with love is better than any restaurant meal. Grandparents tend to excel in this arena. 

If cooking has been a lifelong passion for your grandma (or granddad!), why not gift them with a printed and bound book of their very own recipes?

You might include their speciality dishes, cuisine from their home country, and their secret tips and ingredients. 

This is a gift that will be truly treasured, and can be passed down over generations. 

Books to help with memory loss

It’s a sad truth that many of us watch our grandparents’ memories start to fade. You might be dealing with dementia in the family, or you might just like to give them a nostalgic nudge on the things they’ll love to remember. 

Depending on what stage of the illness your loved one is experiencing, buying for anyone living with Dementia is a tough task. However, personalised books can be a huge help for people struggling with memory loss. Getting to pore over a memento of their lives can be comforting, touching, and beneficial for their mood and wellbeing. 

You might focus on your grandparent’s unique life, or you might pack the pages full of familiar friends and family. You might include lots of hobbies, references and history that trigger their reminiscing. There’s no better time than Christmas to sit down and share some memories.

Custom books for all the family

You might decide to go extra unique this year and organise personalised books for several of your nearest and dearest. 

Our design tool makes it so easy to upload and organise your content, and you can do it from the comfort of your home (no packed high streets, and no department store queues!). 

If you decide to purchase more than one, we offer a 15% discount for multi-buys. That’s a little thank you and a Merry Christmas from us. 

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