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Celebrate your furry friend!

Whether it's your dog or your cat that's your best friend - we have the design for you.

Your pet gives you so much joy - capture them in a book you will treasure forever!

You may be making a memorial book for a beloved pet that is no longer with you . . . or you may be creating a book to celebrate your furry friend.

Also, these books make great presents for other family members that share your love.

It's so easy to make a stunning book - choose from lovely layouts, drag and drop your photos and add as many or few words as you want.

Give a Memory Book gift card to someone you love, so they can create their own book
£34.50 (GBP)

Pick out the colour of your pets eyes . . . or just because you like green
£34.50 (GBP)

Make a stunning book all about your beautiful pet.
£34.50 (GBP)

Mirroring your beloved pet's beautiful coat.
£34.50 (GBP)

Our striking maroon book has the ideal backgrounds to show off your furry friend
£34.50 (GBP)

A sentimental book for a treasured animal
£34.50 (GBP)