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Cookbook - Bubblegum

This bubblegum blue makes a bright eye-catching cook book full of all your favourite recipes

Product description

Ideal to keep all your recipes safe and organised in one place. Capture all those recipes you’ve cut out from magazines and newspapers that are floating around your kitchen drawers. No more tapping your phone with doughy fingers, scrolling through endless webpages searching for the ingredients – type up your favourites.

With our easy to use recipe book designer you choose a template or design your own. For each recipe you simply add a photo or two, the ingredients and method.

Books are printed on premium matt paper in a hardback cover, 265mm x 210mm, with a minimum 36 pages and maximum 48. If you want to include more detailed recipes, with lots of photos of the method etc., then you may need to do different volumes on different topics - starters / curries / puddings / breads (the list is endless!). 

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At the moment we cannot support Asian characters. If you would like to use these, please add them as images rather than text.

Note: Please do not include emojis in your book. They do not print and they cause a delay in the printing of your masterpiece.

£39.50 (GBP)