UK, European and all worldwide orders are printed within 5 working days. US production can take up to 1 week.

Uploading and managing images

  1. Can I upload multiple photos at once in the photo book section?

    Yes. Go to the Images tab on the very left-hand side of your screen. At the top of the display panel on the left click Add files and navigate to where your photos are filed. Highlight the ones you want to add and click Open or Enter. The images you have added will appear in the display panel.

  2. Can I change the order my images appear to save scrolling up and down the images?

    Yes. Go to the Images tab on the very left-hand side of your screen. Beneath Add files click on the cog icon – you can change the order your photos show based on name and date uploaded. Unfortunately the system is not able to sort according to date photos were taken.

  3. Do I have the rights to download pictures from the internet?

    The copyright to an image belongs to the person who created it. It is best to use public domain images from websites like Pixabay, Flickr and Unsplash. Check the terms of the site to determine if attribution is required and, if so, follow the requested format.  If, for example, you want to use an image of your old school from the school’s website, it’s best to ask permission first.

  4. How do I know if my photo is a high enough resolution to use?

    You must be the judge of whether your photo is clear enough to include in your book. As this is a book of memories, you might feel it is appropriate to include old photos that are a bit blurry.  They will look in your book pretty much as they do on a computer screen.

  5. Can I leave image placeholders blank?

    Yes, if you want to use a spread because you like the layout, but don’t want to fill all the image boxes, leave any blank and your book will print normally. Look in Preview to see how it will print.