UK, European and all worldwide orders are printed within 5 working days. US production can take up to 1 week.

Adding and amending text

  1. Can I leave text boxes and captions blank?

    Yes, you can leave any title, caption or text boxes blank and your book will print normally. Look in Preview to see how it will print.

  2. How do I get rid of a space at the start of a line of copy?

    When you cut and paste from Word it sometimes leaves a space at the start of a new line. Try and delete normally, but if this doesn’t work, delete the space and press shift and enter at the same time to start the new line of copy.

  3. How do I zoom in to see captions?

    You get a better result if you use the + and – buttons on the top left of the screen rather than your keyboard Ctrl + or –

  4. What are the shortcut keys for copying and pasting?

    Ctrl + A selects all; Ctrl + C copies; Ctrl + V pastes. On a Mac replace Ctrl with Cmd.

  5. How do I reposition captions?

    Click on the caption just once. A black box appears. You can now move the caption and change the size of the box.