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A Memory Book Promise

If you would love to give someone a Memory Book, but don't have time to complete it before their birthday, Christmas or special occasion, then make A Memory Book Promise.

Product description

It is a commitment that you will make the recipient a Memory Book full of their precious memories and photos, or a Cookbook full of their favourite dishes. 

We all run out of time, but this way you can still give a truly meaningful present.

This gives you time to collect all the stories for a Life Story Book, or assemble all the photos for a pet book, or make and photograph (or download from the internet) all the recipes for a cookbook.

One of our best sellers is where people get friends and family to send in messages and photographs. You can send the email out now asking for contributions and take your time to compile them into a stunning keepsake.

Click start and you can personalise your promise. You can add or change any of the text. You can change to a photo of your choice. You then download the PDF and print it or email it.

Or you can just download and print the certificate from here and fill it in by hand.

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